Polystar® Selection Edition

Polystar® Selection Edition

EDITION – The high-quality layered tailor-made tooth with a large conventional anterior mould selection fulfils contemporary demands of individuality for superior everyday prosthetic work.

  • A natural surface structure
  • A large shade selection in V-Classical and four additional bleach shades
  • Can be used in any combination with any Merz Dental posterior

An EDITION offering great choice with a lively individual note.


  • highly cross-linked OMP-N® (Organic Polymer Modified-Network)
  • abrasion-strong
  • tissue-friendly
  • chemically consistant
  • colour-stable
  • strong connection to the base material
  • temperature resistant up to approx. 300°C without showing heat related white discolouration
  • very good and simple finishing as well as polishing
  • free from inorganic fillers and fibres


anterior UJ LJ XL L M S

Available in all 16 classic V-shades and 4 bleach-shades.

For detailed information about the variety of shapes and sizes, please refer to the Polystar® Selection EDITION mould chart.